They make games for penguins now

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They make games for penguins now

Many tablet games are among the most simplistic games in existence. Babies have been observed playing them successfully. Controls as basic as "touch" have opened up gaming to larger, less intelligent audiences -- including some animals.

Sarah Mandel is an aviculturist who takes care of a gang of Magellanic penguins from South America at the Aquarium of the Pacific. She also owns a scratched-up iPad she lets her cat use. (It shouldn't surprise you iTunes sells a game for cats. There are...
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I find it pretty interesting that they're playing with the iPad app. I'm surprised they made an app for cats in the first place though.

I wish she would have put it inside of a plastic or glass container though because that broken/scratched screen doesn't look very safe! At least the penguins are having fun trying to catch it.