The New Justice Mode Banner is Effin Awesome!!!



ok I got to ask who is the guy in black? I recognize everybody else but him


so i herd u liek mudkipz HaiTien78

Please don't get me started.

Anyway here's my banner I put together.



Im not straight but my boyfriend is

I don't know if it really should go up, Fayt.

Don't you think other members might think...well...that it's a bit egotistical? As much as I love that pic of them....I just don't think it's wise.

ETA: Maybe we could get a banner of JUST members doing their henshin.

Like have a thread to say: Post your BEST Henshin pics here, one per member, and if we like what we see (based upon votes), we'll put you up with some other members on a new banner.

Then you could have the Keith and Faiz pic, along with some other members doing their henshins.

Ragna "D" BloodEdge

By the Power of Gaia!!!
I know. Keith said the same thing...*sigh*

The only trouble is finding something to fill the space leftover if I take that picture out.

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