The Most HYPE Moments From Awesome Games Done Quick 2022

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Jun 20, 2012
Another week of video game speedrunning has come to an end, and it was over all too fast. But at least we’ll have our memories of Games Done Quick…and the YouTube archive of the whole thing, split up into each individual game for your convenience. Since you probably don’t have an entire week’s worth of spare time to watch everything, we’ve highlighted the speedruns that MUST be viewed above all else:

One of the most mindblowing runs did not occur until the final hours. This run of Sekiro was one of the last games slotted at this year’s GDQ, but what we didn’t expect was for the ENTIRE GAME to be played blindfolded! Either runner Mitchriz memorized the whole thing, or he has superhuman hearing senses…

The Awful Block is back again, and completing the CD-I Triforce Of Horrors by speedrunning Zelda’s Adventure…well, as “speedy” as anyone can be with load times like these. What makes this game’s existence extra-bizarre is that it was in production at the same time...

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