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I have followed "The Mentalist" from the beginning. I have loved the show. Patrick Jane is a very interesting figure. He is like a modern Sherlock Holmes. I admit the Red John storyline had me gripped. But now that it is over, the show decided to let Lisbon and Jane reveal their love for one another. That was last season's cliffhanger. Great. But then this season goes along almost as if they aren't even a couple. Of the seven episodes I have seen from this season, I think they kissed in two episodes. Otherwise, it seems it's business as usual. I am going to miss this show, but it seems it should have already ended, as nothing interesting is happening. What do you think?


I know what you mean. I really enjoyed the first few seasons but found that the story just got thinner and thinner as time went on. i wanlted to see a bit more action between Lisbon and Jane too, I'd been rooting for them for ages!
I wouldn't mind a spin off from this show, starring Cho. As far as I can recollect, he only had one episode devoted to him, when he was helping the elderly Asian woman against bad guys. They felt he was an interesting enough character to bring him back when the "gang" became FBI, but his scenes remain limited. A spin off would really give them a chance to develop his character beyond the emotionless interrogator.


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I was following the TV series but I don't know. I stopped when Jane and Lisbon hooked up, I think that pretty much ruined it for me though I intend to give it another go later on since it was one of my favorite shows.

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