Does anyone watch "The Mentalist " ?

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My daughter was telling me about this show that she really likes, The Mentalist, and she watches it on her Apple TV , but she had to buy the whole series on iTunes in order to be able to watch it. Apparently, this is an older series, and now in the third season, but none of the older seasons are to be found on either Netflix or Hulu +, or even on Comcast.

We bought the pilot episode on iTunes, so we could check it out, and I really enjoyed it.
Does anyone have any idea why this show is not on Netflix , or if they will be putting it online any time soon ?

If you haven't seen it, the plot of the show is about a police officer who was formerly a pretend psychic, but was actually a very observant watcher; and now searches for the serial killer who murdered his wife and child. His highly observant abilities help him to solve other crimes as he hunts for his wife's killer.


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I used to watch it, but I don't watch it anymore. But I heard the show has changed quite a bit since it started, that's normal with this kind of shows :) I'd really watch it if I had the time, but they air it when I'm still at work :( So that really makes it hard for me. Wish they could air it in the morning, but I guess that's not going to happen :D


I enjoy The Mentalist, although it's not on my must see list. The plots are good, and the characters are engaging. I generally like cop shows, and this is a good one.