The Mandalorian


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Has any one else seen this yet? I've been keeping up and it's been really good so far. It has it's own feel, more than one person had compared it to the old spaghetti westerns. but in a good way. The show is still obviously Star Wars but everything is just so good. The only realnick pick I can make is that the episode that just aired, which would be episode 4, needed to be longer because a couple of things needed to be expanded on


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My little brother got the Disney+ thing for himself just for this show & had me watch the first three eps on his phone the one day he stopped by. Yeah, other than the fact that I thought this was going to be about Boba Fett & I enjoyed what of it I've seen so far. Can't wait for Kenobi & the anally overpriced Disney DVDs to come out, lol.

I really wasn't sure this was going to work as a TV series, rather than a short film. Glad they proved me wrong.


science experiment gone wrong
Well season one is over,and it was good. The episode set on Tatoonine wasn''t as good as the rest It was still entertaining in it's own way but not on par with the other episodes I also liked how the finale also set up the story for things going forward,and I'm fairly certain I'm not spoiling anything at this point, by Mando having to fing Baby Yoda's species, or maybe some surviving Jedi(the show does take place about 5 years after ROTJ) as some have speculated. With season 2 already announced as coming in the fall of 2020 it can't come soon enough.


I saw all 8 episodes of the Mandalorian. It was a good series. I believe that it was Star Wars done right.