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The Imperfects just dropped its second trailer, and it is beyond rewatchable. The first trailer indicated that these three college kids got to experiment on a scientist without their consent. They evolved into monsters because of the treatment.

The first trailer is too cryptic; we never learn what kind of creatures they have evolved into. The second trailer finally reveals the transformation of the show’s three main characters. The trio turned into a Chupacabra, a Banshee, and Succubus. Finally, we see mythical creatures on TV that are not Vampires and werewolves.
The Imperfects, 2nd trailer

Dr. Alex Sarkov (Rhys Nicholson, from Rupaul’s Drag race down under) scammed three young zoomers to undergo gene therapy for their health conditions...

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Crossing my fingers and toes that this will be successful enough for a renewal because if this is successful enough to be renewed, Then One Piece will be successful too because both shows have the same lead actor, This show can make or break Mr. Godoy's career. He is nice guy and I want him to succeed so bad. I want Netflix to finally escape the curse of bad Hollywood adaptations of Mexican content.


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I will try to manifest positive energy that this show will get renewed because its looks so good. Netflix needs to stop canceling shows. This one could be their next big thing if they will give it chance to grow.


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Because people had grown cynical and suspicious, people were so critical whenever Netflix released a nice teaser for a show. Netflix needed to give One Piece momentum by making the show popular if they wanted it to succeed. They must heavily promote this. Characters in imperfects are charming, in contrast to Resident Evil.


Guys If you don't watch this show to be canceled, You need to watch this and promote it to your friends. Word of Mouth made Squid Game worth Billions.


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Has the potential to be one of Netflix's newest breakout programs, but if it doesn't attract the intended audience, it could be canceled after one season. Just how it will proceed is unknown. Hope the curse won't touch this.


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I was immediately brought back to an old Marvel Video Game game called Rise of The Imperfects when I saw the show's name. This intrigues me because it somewhat reminds me of Umbrella Academy. Netflix, kindly refrain from canceling this original before it has a satisfying conclusion. For the Sake of One Piece, Give Inaki Godoy a positive first impression.


It doesnt look as High Budget as Jupiter's Legacy and Resident Evil, so the Survival might be higher. Low Budget shows have higher chances to be renewed.
It seems to be going smoothly! Because the shows on Apple TV Plus and Amazon Prime have a higher chance of continuing to air, I wish that it was available on those platforms. Netflix always make me nervous for show’s renewals.


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It looks great but I have some fears of cancelation. I do not want to be attached to a show that will not get renewed.


Now me make Chhupacabra? It is not anymore creature from wildenes like Bigfoot. At least we see it again. Looks it was forgoten by movie studios and authors.


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I just watched this and I hope it will get renewed. Godoy is a good actor and I know I will enjoy him as Luffy base from his performance here alone.


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The Show is good, I get attached to the characters by episode 3. Its like I wish I can steal the serums that turns them into monsters. I want to get Doug and Hannah's immortality. I will just be careful to not get hurt since their pain is permanent.


It's a very interesting show. I liked the idea of the kids being scammed on conducting a genetherapy on their health condition to be monsters.


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I want a Season 2! it will be unfair if I cannot see Chupi anymore. He is so cute and innocent despite being a flesh eating monster. Season 2! Season 2!


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Season 2 should happen, Netflix needs to stop alienating subscribers.

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