The Imperfects is a coming-of-age science fiction show coming to Netflix. It has shades of Animorphs and Street Sharks. Because both properties are about college kids who turn into beasts, they turn into creatures because they got experimented on. The similarity ends because the teens of Imperfects turn into monsters instead of just animals.
The show has potential, and it definitely deserves more Seasons than Emily in Paris. Netflix cast Iñaki Godoy as one of the leads, and they are really impressed with this actor because he also plays Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece live-action. Joining him are Morgan Taylor Campbell and Rhianna Jagpal as three teens. They got gene therapy with unwanted side effects.

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There is a PlayStation fighting game titled Bloody Roar and it's plot have similarities with this series. LOL at the Emily in Paris Shade. I can't believe that terribad show is renewed up to four seasons while great shows gets canceled.

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So that is the actor who will play Luffy in One Piece? He must be in immense pressure right now because he leads two Netflix shows and he might get the blame if they got canceled. He just need to ignore the trolls and naysayers so his shows wont have the same fate with Cowboy Bebop.


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Netflix has attempted and failed a dozen times with this type of plot. I mean, Umbrella Academy is doing well, but whenever they tackle a tale involving superheroes or dozens of whipper snappers with special abilities, it appears to fail or get canceled. I hope it works well, but my expectations are low. From the comments, it appears that no one believes Netflix will give this show a chance. I can't say I blame them for their feelings. I have a strong suspicion that this will be cancelled. I'm hoping I'm mistaken because this seems fantastic.The problem is that these shows appear amazing, but many people don't watch them because of Netflix's one-season cancellation policy; why invest in a project that won't last? , and when they are published, they don't satisfy Netflix viewing standards right away, so they cancel a promising show before it has a chance to acquire an audience. I have more confidence with Amazon Prime and HBO Max.


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They better not have this cancelled like The Order, a fantastic Netflix series developed by the same person who created this!


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This doesn't seem like my style; it reminds me of vampire diaries and teen World, which isn't a bad thing because vampire shows are popular, but it's not my cup of tea. However, I'll give it a shot to see who will play Luffy.

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