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The Circle Season 4 excites me because it is one of the most interesting Social experiment type of Reality I watched since Survivor and Big Brother. It is the only Reality competition where contestants don’t live together. All of the contestants live alone inside their apartments. They can only socialize through a voice operated Social Network called “The Circle”. As a contestant you will be given a choice to join as yourself or be a Catfish.Alliances and friendships are formed as they eliminate themselves one by one. People tend to be discriminatory to the ones they believe to be a Catfish. There are people who succeed by being themselves but A Catfish had won in the past as well.
The Success of this Netflix original leads to Brazil and France having their local version as well. In all editions of the show, there is always a male contestant who falls in love with a male catfish...

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Hot girls have tendencies to be voted off first in The Circle because people always assume that they are the Catfish. Contestants seemed to believe a woman that hot won't join a reality show. So Parker made the right call to compete as a catfish and pretend to be her Dad. No one will expect an older man to be the catfish. Who will believe a young person will pretend to be a boomer. I will root for Parker to win because of that. She knows competing as herself will make people not trust her.


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In the Past Seasons we had old people catfishing as Younger People, Now we have Young people catfishing as old people. LOL


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Trevor, You know the man who is Deleesa's husband and the man she catfished as, Is now going to join the contest. Is he going to catfish as Deleesa?


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I love the two member of Spicegirls are on the show! I wish they were full pledge contestants instead of moles.


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I am gonna Miss the Spice Girls and the 3 episodes where I get to see them. I am glad this Season is not as Catfish obsessed. Season 3 became toxic because everyone are obsessed of voting off catfishes and they end up voting off real people.


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I don't want Allysa to be voted off. I Blame Frank for choosing Yu Ling instead of Rachel during the breach.


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I enjoyed this season so much that I followed everyone on Instagram, even the profiles the catfishes used.