The Circle Season 5, A familiar place returns

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Skylar Kinsley

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<p>The Circle Season 5 will be catfishing it’s way in Netflix next week. For those who are not familiar with The Circle, It is a social experiment reality similar to Big Brother. The only difference is the contestants don’t really live with each other. They live in their own individual condo units. They communicate with a voice operated TV App called The Circle. Contestants have a choice between playing the competition as themselves or catfishing everyone with another identity. Every week two contestants will be voted as the most popular and will be called the influencer. The Influencer will choose who goes home from the bottom 2. The evicted contestant will be replaced by a new until it is the last two weeks. Expect a lot of miscommunication, betrayals and catfishing on this roller coaster ride of a show.</p>
This is the worst twist ever. I am not talking about Shublam's return. I am talking about not casting older people. The cast looks like rejects from Too Hot to Handle. They ruin the diversity that makes the show special.


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I am so frustrated that women cannot win this contest. They always get targeted and accused of being a catfish if they are pretty and young, They still get accused of being catfish if they are not. Women also likes voting off women for some reason kind of like the Season 43 of Survivor. The only time a Woman won this, she is a catfishing as a Man. A woman have to pretend she is a guy in able to win this.,


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Shublam wanted to join Survivor and I know he has been sending audition tapes. I guess he lost hope he can be in Survivor so he joined the Circle again.


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Shublam was my favorite character, so I am extremely happy that he has returned. Regardless, Raven is the contestant I'll be rooting for because I think she's hilarious and I really hope she makes it to the finals. When I see a competitor who is deaf, my heart leaps for joy, and even more so when I see that she has an interpreter. Raven will increase pride among members of the deaf community.


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I burst out laughing the first time I saw Shooby. Shooby is a true original. I've been a huge fan of this show since the first episode of the first season aired and haven't missed a single episode or season. Despite the fact that this season will be unlike any other. He is an exceptionally bright person. He matures as a result of his mistakes in the past. You can bet that he won't make the same ones again in the future.

Melancholy Hill

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Oh no, they decided to turn it into a dating game. I'll have to pass on this opportunity because Shooby isn't really my thing. If you want high-quality content, you should watch the circle's French version. Why did they feel the need to make dating the Circle's primary focus? I despise dating reality shows, so I'm not sure why they ruined the Circle.


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I think Shubham will not ender the house as himself. Is it correct to say that Shubham intends to go catfishing?
He is unable to enter under the guise of Shubham, , because everyone knows who he is.


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I watched the first 4 episodes and it didn't end up as a dating show. We still have old contestants but they are mostly catfishing as single. People just play single for the sake of getting alliances. Shooby might be a villain on this season because he have the experience advantage.
What "Jennifer" did to Tom is one of the coldest and most brutal moves in The Circle history. Tom was nothing but Loyal to "Jennifer" but Jen eliminated their ultimate alliance for self preservation.

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