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<p>As Mario creator Shigeru Miyomoto explained when he appeared onscreen to introduce the final Super Mario Bros Movie trailer, he picked March 10 to debut the thing because “Mar 10” looks like “MARIO” if you squish it together. This isn’t exactly a new revelation; Nintendo has been trying to make “Mario Day” a thing for some time, discounting Mario-themed products on March 10 or introducing / announcing new ones on that day. This year, it was the trailer.</p>


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LOL we have the same hair @Pasta City

Don't get me wrong: the Last of Us tv show and Sonic movies are fantastic, but this appears to be the best video game adaptation to date. The irony of that option is amusing. It's difficult to believe I'm this enthusiastic for a film about illumination. If they get this right, the possibilities are limitless. A Smash Bros. cinematic world is a possibility. This movie, for the love of God, will radically change our perceptions of video game adaptations!


Since we were young, everyone has been anticipating a Mario movie adaptation filled with allusions to the games, action, a few jokes, and lovingly crafted animations. Disney has nothing to do with this. I'm sobbing with emotion! The 1990s version, which is absolutely unwatchable, still gives me nightmares.


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I really hope they don't make Princess Toadstool into one of the heroes or whatever, making this just another woke Hollywood bullshit. People, she's not even wearing a dress! That's not how I remember her. I despise the idea that Luigi was picked as the damsel in distress instead of the princess.

Feminazis are like:

A male character rescuing a woman, as it most likely did? This is not acceptable!


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Well, all of the trailers for the film have been sick as f! As a fan of the Mario video games, I'm grateful for this film since it feels like everything we've been hoping for. How lucky are we as viewers to have this film? Furthermore, I'm growing fond of Chris Pratt's Mario voice. And, at the end, the Mario Kart at Rainbow Road, as well as throwing the mushroom at the opponent's vehicle, just like in the games!


Can we start talking about a Legend of Zelda or Metroid movie after this one takes the box office by storm? They'll make fantastic movies, too, but I prefer cartoon over live-action. Some things just appear foolish in real life. Mario fails as a live-action film but excels as an animated film.


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It's so cool that the film's creators are attempting to make "Mario Day" a reality. I'm curious if it will become popular like previous fandom holidays. Gosh, I can't wait for the Super Mario Bros. movie! I've been a fan of Mario since I was a kid, and I'm looking forward to seeing it come to life on the big screen. The Rainbow Road kart sequence sounds like a lot of fun. I'm excited to see how it's worked into the film.


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The Rainbow Road kart sequence appears looks to be rather enjoyable. I'm looking forward to seeing how it's incorporated into the picture.It's a shame that the Luma appearance didn't surprise folks who had already seen the Happy Meal toys. Still, I'm intrigued about Luma's position in the picture.


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I'm glad to hear that the movie release date was moved up instead of being delayed. I'm counting down the days until April 5th! Are you planning on watching it in theaters or streaming it at home?
Even though I have high hopes for the Super Mario Bros. film, I'm trying not to have too many because I do not want to be dissapointed. It can be difficult when you are a huge fan of anything. My mind is blown by the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film! We seem to have been waiting for it for ages. Do you think the hype will be worth it?
I don't know about you people, but I'm definitely going to celebrate Mario Day by squishing together anything that looks like 'MAR10'. Maybe I'll even make a Mario-themed pizza with mushrooms and extra stars.I'm so excited for the Super Mario Bros Movie! March 10th, or should I say 'MAR10', is the perfect day to release the final trailer. It's like a real-life Easter egg hunt for Mario fans.


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I watched the final trailer for the Super Mario Bros Movie and I have to say, I'm more confused than a Goomba trying to navigate a warp pipe. But hey, at least it looks like a fun ride

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