The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Watch Chris Pratt Play Mario with non existent Italian accent

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<p>The Super Mario Bros. Movie dropped off it’s first official trailer. Months ago the teaser made some people uncomfortable with Chris Pratt playing Mario with his natural voice. Charles Martinet had voiced Mario for decades so it is natural for fans being familiar with his iconic interpretation. Martinet may not be reprising his videogame role but he is in this movie with a different role. Illumination Studios and Universal Pictures making this movie is a great irony that goes full circle. Why?</p>


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Chris Pratt is really disappointing. This is voice acting, he have chances to be playful with the character and show his range but he decided to stay being himself.


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I liked how the trailer didn't give away too much too soon. The majority of the entertaining moments occur in the film, not in the trailers, and I can't wait to see Mario make his way into the mushroom kingdom after falling down a pipe. I'll be impressed if the film depicts Mario's origin story and even comes close to being as good as the one in Super Mario Brothers Super Show from the 90s.


If we're serious about complimenting, I simply love the animation and character designs. Even if the film is a flop, I'll remember Jack Black's performance as the one that stood out the most to me because of how well his voice blended in with Bowser's animation. However, Chris Pratt fails miserably as Mario in this film. He does not meet the prerequisites for the role.


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Although Chris Pratt claims to have spent a significant amount of time honing his voice, all I can hear is Chris Pratt. There are many talented voice actors out there who already have what it takes to do an accurate impression of Mario; all they need is the opportunity and Pratt's name to be cast in a major film. As a result of this, the entire film is ruined. Just look at Jack Black; he's the definition of perfection!


The fact that this teaser is actually entertaining is a huge relief for me, and there are no words to adequately express how grateful I am. There was no grating pop song, no Mario monologue about how he needs to save the world, no rehash of every joke from the film, and nothing else of the sort. It didn't reveal much about what happens in the film, which is in stark contrast to every fucktastic trailer released today. I can't wait to learn more about this!


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As much as I want to see Charlie Martinet voicing Mario, These big wigs think she doesn't have the mainstream appeal of Chris Pratt.


Watching Chris Pratt endure violent assault the entire time is the cherry on top of this trailer. I despise Chris Pratt for leaving his wife Anna Faris for a younger woman who was old enough to be his daughter while he cheated on her. I detest Mario being played by this ludicrous republican.
I simply love the animation and artwork in this film, and Chris Pratt's voice is particularly effective. Haters needs to back off. The more I hear Chris's voice as Mario, the more I like him. Of course, the original will always be available.

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To imagine that Illumination would evolve from money-grabbing endeavors to this current masterpiece I am aware that Nintendo is a major factor in this, but still This trailer is fantastic, and the movie looks amazing. Since we haven't really seen any full scenes before, it is quite enjoyable to watch the characters interact for longer than 5 seconds at most. Additionally, I appreciate how the soundtrack combines the Super Mario Bros. theme from the first game with themes from the other games. It fits just right.


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I'm overjoyed. The music immediately gave me chills and brought back memories of playing Super Mario 3D World as a child, so I'm glad they still have the themes and game sound effects playing.
So far Illumination, you guys are killing it with this!


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Wow, just a few years ago we dreaded Illumination being the ones behind the movie. Amazing things can happen if you actually try and not just pick the easy route for a quick buck. This appears to have promise.


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I am not sure if people having opposing ideas is a good sign or a red flag because the audience seem divided for a movie not even released yet.


It would be tough to imagine Mario without the voice of Charles Martinet but I guess we need to adjust and see what it has to offer.


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I don't know why I never took any interest in playing this game. Since I never played the game, I also never felt any interest to watch the movie. By the way, how does the movie compares with the game?

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