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Street Fighter 6 – World Tour Opening Movie: The Meaning of Strength is the intro of the story mode. All the characters from the leaks months ago are in this intro, except four characters. 
Street Fighter 6 goes for a hip-hop theme from music and environment to the new characters. The African American male with a hood accent is used for the voice-over to push the Urban theme further.
Street Fighter 6 – World Tour Opening Movie: The Meaning of Strength

There are noticeable changes to the concept art of the new character Lili because her tunic from the leaks is green, and now she is clad in white. A Street Fighter V character named G makes a cameo appearance in the game’s opening video despite not being revealed in the leaks. The thumbnail shows Luke, who Capcom is promoting to serve as the company’s new face. Ryu and Ken will always be the poster boys, but Luke will be the Protagonist of Street Fighter 6.

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It will be cool to finally have a female final boss in Street fighter. Mortal Kombat already have one with Kronika. KOF have Otoma Raga. Samurai Shodown have Mizuki and Shizuka. Heck even tekken had female final bosses with Unknown, Jun Kazama and Kazumi Mishima.


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They are pulling out all the stops to bring this out and disclose all the remaining new and returning characters incorporated into the game. Wow, the only character from the original Street Fighter V roster to return is a former downloadable content who is Luke.


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They recently threw out the entire roster, and I mean that. Everyone has unbelievably cool designs, man; I love it; and I'm really curious to learn more about the rest of the cast, whom we haven't yet officially met. I could not be more into the urban hip-hop vibe that is being heavily emphasized throughout this game. Even the artwork carries a strong Third Strike vibe.


This is the apex of Fighting Games. Like someone said, definitely influenced by 3rd Strike as a whole. Why not go back and read what is frequently regarded as the best science fiction ever written? SF's future has me very optimistic. Hoping for the best, it has the most outstanding rollback netcode ever. New game modes, previously seen characters, previously seen stages, and new characters! It was amazing for me to watch the character reveals and get a better look at DeeJay's new design even if the information had already been released. It seems like this has a lot of promise.

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The fact that they are accepting the leaks is encouraging. Moreover, the character artwork is excellent. Every new insight truly surprises me. I'm excited to see what else you guys have planned for the near future. A starting lineup that is unbeatable. In the World Tour, I sincerely hope that fighting will allow you to unlock characters from earlier Street Fighter series. I really hope that happens because I want it to.


Street Fighter 6 is obviously inspired of Street Fighter III third strike. It also have that Graffiti hip hop aesthetic.

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Much thought has gone into how Capcom and the SF team represent various international populations. Hip-hop and graffiti are used in branding and style. This trailer is evidence of a desire to advertise to as many different cultures as possible. Images have great power. Luke is undoubtedly the new generation of players' preferred lead character design. This info comes as no surprise. The debut roster poster is the most diversified I've ever seen. The legacy characters are no longer just cliches.


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I enjoy the self-aware undertone of whether it is legitimate to get strength from fighting now that the world is heading toward a more peaceful way of life. It almost gives it a punk vibe, which is awesome! This is what I envision when I picture a fight in a seedy back alley or on the streets of a large metropolis. You've hooked me. Capcom, bring me in. Cammy and Ken's new look reminds me of Blue Mary and Terry Bogard.


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This is so very dope it's insane. The whole style of this video truly reminds me of fighting games from the middle of the 2000s. The atmosphere you get while playing this game is amazing. Despite the fact that Street Fighter 4 is a very well-liked game, I did not enjoy playing it. SFV was more entertaining to me even if there wasn't much of a tone to it. It can only go up to this fantastic heights.


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After only releasing 18 characters on Day 1, I really hope they introduced more. It would be fantastic if all of the characters were included in the game, and any new characters that were added could be purchased as downloadable content, just like in Smash Ultimate.


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I hate the new music. I hope there is a custom music option because I don't like the new music.