Song Parody: "This Day Aria" - Super Hero Taisen Version

Kamen Rider Cherry

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Let me make one thing perfectly clear: just because I think "This Day Aria" is an awesome song this doesn’t make me a pegasister. Just because I like a song from a certain show, it doesn’t mean I like the show as a whole (for instance, I like the song "Connect" by ClariS but I hate Puella Magi Madoka Magica). I still hate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the bottom of my heart, but I respect its fandom and I allow the bronies and pegasisters to like what they want to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, after all.

And this (kinda rushed) song parody is proof. I dedicate this to all the bronies/pegasisters in this forum, as well as all the other Tokufaithful Bronies scattered around the interwebs. If anyone wants to sing it and/or add verses for Daiki, Joe, Don and Hina, go right ahead. Hope you guys like it.

Parody of "This Day Aria" by Brit McKillip

MARVELOUS: Arise, members of Dai-Zangyack
There is a reason why you’re all gathered here
Leave no Rider standing tall
With your powers, kill them all
Go ahead, because your triumph is nearby

TSUKASA: Arise, members of Dai-Shocker
You might presume I have a mission, and I do
Carry on, don’t stop the fight
Until all Sentais have been wiped
Victory will definitely come to you

MARVELOUS: I’ll be showier than ever

TSUKASA: This time I won’t just pass through

BOTH: It’s clear that I’m not lying when I say
That when two heroes collide
One has to win, the other fall
We'll find out who'll get the upper hand today

MARVELOUS: The ultimate hero war

TSUKASA: I’m sure it has just started

BOTH: Let’s settle this once and for all