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My Only Love Song is undoubtedly one of the most original K-dramas I've ever seen.You must add this series to your watch list if you like romantic comedies and time travel.The fantasy-drama-romcom-time-travel-historical-fiction genre mashup ultimately proved to be a hilarious ride, despite my initial skepticism.The plot was so ridiculous and silly that I couldn't believe it, but that's exactly what made it so entertaining.


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Gong Seung-portrayal yeon's of Song Soo-jung as a self-absorbed Top Star who is transported back in time was spot on.
Lee Jong-performance hyun's as General On Dal surprised me; he had great chemistry with Gong Seung-yeon.
The idea of a time travel van named "Boong Boong" was ridiculous, but it worked in the context of the show.
I enjoyed the show's use of alternate history; it was fascinating to see how the fictional characters influenced real-life historical events.


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One of the show's highlights was the chemistry between the cast members; they all got along so well.Even though the show is five years old, it's still a fantastic option for fans of K-dramas, especially those who enjoy historical fiction and time travel.
There were many occasions when I laughed aloud in the show, which was definitely a standout in terms of humor.


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I appreciated how the show incorporated both humorous and more somber and emotional scenes.
I was transported to the Goryeo Dynasty by the stunning costumes and sets.
The way the program explored the idea of fate and how even seemingly insignificant actions can have significant repercussions impressed me.
It was fascinating to observe how the actions of the fictional characters affected the historical figures from real life with whom they interacted.

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I wholeheartedly recommend My Only Love Song to anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy with a twist. It's a fun, lighthearted series that will make you smile and laugh.

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