Jul 19, 2012
With the pick up of Head Masters , Masterforce and Victory does anybody think we'll get Trasformers Unicron Trilogy under the Japanese titles Micron Legend , Super Link and Galaxy Force again in origonal Japanese edition? Also distributed by Shout Factory? If so I will be buying these three next to update my library.

Dr Kain

I can't even bring myself to buy Masterforce or Victory, so I would definitely be passing on those series. The only TF series I want released properly and complete is Animated.
100% Tank Engine
Dec 30, 2011
I don't see it happening, and I wouldn't buy them if they did get released.

I finished Armada, and most of Cybertron (they didn't air the last few episodes here in New Zealand, because apparently, the TV companies are useless. Just like how we didn't get the Unicron Wars part of Armada (or whatever it was called) until about a year or two (or maybe more) after the series originally aired), but I've never been able to get through Energon.

I also barely made it through Masterforce (Victory is good albeit mindless, and Headmasters just gets boring).

So yeah, even if it does happen (which I doubt, but it's possible - I would think Beast Wars II and Neo are more likely, since they've now been released on DVD in Japan, and they're both great series that I'd buy if we get them subbed), I know I won't be buying them.