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Skylar Kinsley

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<p>#SaveWarriorNun is trending on Twitter right now. The 2 season run of this action fantasy ended. It ended in a cliff hanger which is nightmare for the fans of this comic book adaptation. Fans waited for one and a half year before the second season before the second season. The Show was consistently in top 10 for 3 weeks in many countries but because of the high budget it became a target by cancellation.</p>

Blaire Courttney

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I already learned my Lesson with Netflix, Watch Asian and European Originals, they have higher chance renewal than American ones because of lower budget. I did take a risk with Wednesday because it is such a hit that Jenna Ortega is everywhere. High Budget American shows have higher pressure with Netflix they are always in life and death situation. Being top 10 is not enough, they have to be top 5 in many countries.


This show barely escaped cancellation on its first season. I think there is a solution to stop shows getting canceled. Netflix should add a tip Jar on each show so fans can donate cash to reduce the budget of a show.
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Something is suspicious, When Ava have a male love interest the show got renewed. When suddenly her love interest is Beatrice because of the fan shipping the show got canceled. Netflix seem to have a thing against lesbian content. One of the characters of the imperfects claims to be Arrowace but obviously in Lesbians with someone and the show also got canceled.


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It has already been said everything that could be said. Netflix continues to make errors. The prospect of never seeing this story progress and never having these characters and performers collaborate again sucks, therefore we're going to keep fighting until there is truly no hope left.


AMAWEMEN Hear me roar!
I had a very hard time falling asleep last night since I was so upset that Emily in Paris received a full season renewal whereas warrior nun only had a two-episode cancellation. Warrior Nun was canceled despite breaking a record for being the highest-rated Netflix show on Rotten Tomatoes, performing well with viewers, and expanding its fan base without any advertising. It's not sensible, is it?


Watch Me
I'm completely devastated. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. It appears that they decided before releasing the film, based on the lack of promotion. It seems strange to me as well because I felt like a second season was overlooked because I was so surprised we got one in the first place. Season 2 received such a positive response and generated so much hype, so why is it being canceled now? . If they take on Warrior Nun, I'd be willing to join a new platform. This excellent show's cancellation will result in Netflix losing a whole segment of its audience.


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Why won't Netflix simply renew a moderately popular show like Warrior Nun for a second season at the same price as the first? With each succeeding season, Netflix pays out more money according to their business plan. In those circumstances, it should be up to the show's creators to decide whether or not to produce another season. If your ratings are worse than those of Stranger Things and Squid Game, demanding extra financing is the final nail in the coffin. I was hoping Amazon Prime will pick this up but then Amazon prime canceled Paper Girls.


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I don't understand why Netflix would cancel Warriors Nun after it was the number one show for a while. I'm starting to think that Netflix's top executives hate both revenue and customers. I sincerely hope they find a new spot for it. Netflix is quickly becoming a burial ground for great shows that were canceled too soon.The number of my favorite shows that Netflix has canceled is very shocking. There aren't many left that make Netflix subscriptions desirable.


Netfllix should go with the Appletv plus direction where all shows ends with closure so fans wont feel bad wether its renewed or now because lose ends got solved.


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Although it had the highest audience rating on rotten tomatoes, Netflix still decided to cancel the show. What possible reason could there be to alter something so great? It saddens me greatly that they decided to abandon the project. I really dislike Netflix's actions. Seriously, you've gone crazy! Due to customers binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix, the streaming service is cash-strapped and unable to produce new seasons of those shows. As you did with Lucifer, I pray that you will be able to change your perspective.


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The Church battle was the best performance I've ever seen. There should have been at least three more seasons of Warrior Nun before they decided to cancel it and not resolve any of the loose ends. I, like everyone else, put in my absolute best effort, and then... cancelled. When and why did they start doing that? For some reason, they canceled my subscription. It's not worth it to watch anything on Netflix if there's no continuation, especially if it's a popular show. And on Wednesday, they both streamed at the same time! Crazy! Even though Wednesday is a fantastic show, after finishing both seasons I won't be returning to it. All of the actors did a fantastic job, but the setting has lost its enchantment and the story is shallow. I've watched Warrior Nun three times now, and each viewing reveals new insights into the film's meaning, the strength of the story, and the significance of small details I had previously overlooked. It is deep, insightful, and profound.


Netflix frequently cancels shows because their expectations are not realistic. And the rate at which people consume Netflix shows and movies is absurd. Wednesday is the day after that. There will be much sobbing. After that, they'll move on to the newest Netflix offering. Has Netflix stopped providing genuine benefits to its subscribers? I understand that we must be frugal with our money, but this makes no sense.


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A Netflix show that is just doing good never has more than three seasons of content. Any Netflix original or show that Netflix "saved" only ran for a maximum of three seasons on the streaming service. It doesn't matter if the show was made from scratch or not (or for non-US viewers, Series). Netflix should change their name to Cancelflix Because of this, I've cut back on how often I watch these shows. I know that a show, no matter how entertaining it is, won't be on for more than three seasons, and that it will probably be canceled after its second season or 1st for 2nd.


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I was Halfway Season 2 and this happens. I wish there is a streaming service with zero cancel policy, where if the ratings is not satisfying they will just make a rushed ending.

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