[Sale] Megazords, S.H Figuarts, Role playing!

Here's the deal. I'm moving. I need space. I need money. I need to sell all of these. I'm open to any offers, as long as reasonable. Everything listed is going to be very good prices I believe. I'm only shipping to North America.

Link to pictures: http://s51.photobucket.com/user/Zeroflamez/library/power ranger sale?sort=3&page=1

Please don't be afraid to offer. I just need this stuff sold and gone.

* Time Force Megazord (complete, no box) $60
* Wild Force Megazord (Complete, No box) $65
* Wild Force Kongazord (complete, no weapon, no box) $60
* Light Speed Rescue Megazord (complete, no box) $50
* Red Dragon Thunder Zord (complete with box, no instructions) $25
* Deluxe Defender Torozord (Complete, with box and instructions) $60
* KillerOh! Green color Variant (complete, with instructions and box) $85
* S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive with first release bonus $40
* Kamen Rider Mach S.H Figuarts $35
* Kamen Rider Kabuto S.H Figuarts( not the revision version) $25
* Super Legends Zed MOC $25
* Super Legends MOC Green Ranger $30
* Titanium Laser (Lights and sound work) $ 25
* Super Silverizer (electronics work) $25
* Vortex Blaster (electronics work) $25

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