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Free League unveiled Ruins of Symbaroum, the 5E version of the popular tabletop game, about a month ago, and launched its crowdfunding campaign a couple weeks later. The campaign is now in its final days, and has hauled in way over its asking goal: $424,512 as of this writing and climbing. It’s not too late to get your pledge in either.
If you’ve played Symbaroum before, then you should have an idea of what to expect here…a 5E adaption of the endless hunt through the forests of Davokar. Will your party find treasure, fame or valuable knowledge? Or will they just get devoured by something? The coming 5E version will include three full-color hardback books – the Player’s Guide, the Game Master’s Guide, and the Bestiary — each depicted with lavish illustrations of Davorkar’s beauty and danger. Stretch goals that have been unlocked during the campaign added items like a GM Screen with an adventure booklet, five double-sided setting maps, and VTT modules for all three books.
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