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 Reginald the Vampire stars Jacob Batalon. A lot of you mostly remember him as Ned. He is Peter Parker’s burly and nerdy best friend from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We now see a different side of him in this TV show. A show where he breaks the mold of a vampire. The media used to portray Vampires as horrifying and grotesque. Then came Anne Rice. Her novels depicted them as attractive hunters who used their seduction to catch their prey.  Also there is Twilight, a franchise that gave us sparkling vampires.
As a result of the movie adaptations of her books, which starred gorgeous actors as vampires, the pale undead became more popular than ever. The majority of vampires adhered to the Eurocentric beauty ideals. Therefore, it is a welcome change to have an Asian Vampire play the primary role in a television drama about vampires.
Reginald the Vampire official trailer


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Years ago I read a novel titled "Fat Vampire" I believe that this show is an adaptation of that book. Hope this gives Batalon some success.


Appears charming and entertaining enough to give a shot.the budget looks shockingly high for a syfy program. it looks cute and i'm always rooting for Jacob so i'll give it a watch.


My favorite part of the trailer is when he said, Its Reginaldin time!

Sorry for using the Morbious meme....


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He is so underappreciated, but why? I can't wait to see Reginald the Vampire because he has done such an amazing job with Ned.
Jacob Batalon is the main reason I'm excited to watch the episode. But once again, I'm baffled as to why Entertainment Weekly doesn't feel the need to list the performers' names in these brief panel discussions. It seems odd to start a conversation with the cast of a brand-new series with only their first names.