Redman is proof plot and characters are not important in a story, genre is

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Oct 22, 2012
I just finished watching the 1972 classic skit series Redman, a wonderful piece of tokusatsu history that turns 50 this year. My entire life I was falsely force fed the meme that "only plot and characters matter in a story" which was obvious horse manure. This series was what an audience wants: Action. Fighting. Special Effects. Music. Monsters. Redman, despite its low budget (and admittedly prevented the camera work, editing, and music variety from being better, not a flawless series by any stretch), manages to accomplish what a lot of tokusatsu and action shows fail to do: Concentrate on the damn genre. Almost all bad pieces of media deviate from their primary genre in some fashion, the best pieces are the ones that embrace their genre with all their might. Redman goes a step further, no characters (or the TREE DIME HENSHIN ALL kind), no plot (beyond good guy versus bad guy), no development, no dialogue outside of attack names and Red Fight. The minimalism, the concept of less is more, it works. It's proof that you need to be your genre, not some plot and character nonsense you can find elsewhere. That needs to be kept to the drama genre where it belongs. It just goes to show the meme critics use has no merit.


So you like your Tokusatsu to be like classic 60s action cartoons?