THE 44TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN: Filming Underway For NY Indie Director’s Kung Fu Comedy Proof Of Concept [EXCLUSIVE]

Mar 5, 2013
Jon Truei directing on the set of “The 44th Chamber Of Shaolin” (Courtesy of Jon Truei)

As prone as we are to including independent action films in our coverage, it was only a matter of time before I’d be back to covering New York-based filmmaker Jon Truei (Gamer’s Generation, Secondary Education), currently in production with kung fu comedy, The 44th Chamber Of Shaolin.

Starring is Marshieh Johnson – son of celebrated Wu Shu master, champion and author Willie “The Bam” Johnson (WMAC Masters, Superfights, The Legend Of Kung Funk), along with Mario Marin, and appearances by action actors Angela Jordan and David Lavallee Jr., among others to be named at a later date. Truei has since completed ancillary footage as of last month, shot in collaboration with action director and Art School Dropouts founder Joey Min...

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