Quick Power Morpher Sale!!!

Hello today I am selling one customized power morpher, I took the plates off primed, painted with testor metallic gold #1244, and clear coated, I then applied tv accurate reprolabels after flipping the morpher right-side up. I am asking $135 shipped to the US. I do international shipping, I will ONLY accept paypal, I am open to offers.


Thank You!!!!
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I will do international shipping now I guess, but I will have to talk with the buyer about import fees and shipping and we will have to come to a solid agreement. Thank you.


Just to let everyone know, This person is a scammer he scammed someone on RangerBoard for $140 so if you buy something from this person be careful.
So a confirmed scammer and asking $135+ shipped for a Morpher that's getting a re release in 2013..awesome.

Well original MMPR Morpher is getting a re release but easy as **** to repaint.


I only noticed now that the original post was done in nov of last year, so this was a necro bump, but the RB post was done earlier this month (19/09/2012), so the guy may still be at it.