General Discussion Premarital Sex - acceptable or not?

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This has always been a topic in numerous ethics and other related classes. And all professors agree with one thing - Premarital Sex is not good. But, when we look at our society, it seems as though a lot are doing it. Do you agree with the act?


I respect everyone's options, but for me pre-marital sex should be a must. Sex is a big part of a relationship so I think all couples should have sex before committing for life with another person... ;)


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I agre with capa :D I like to try the product before I buy it, or at least get a free sample ;) I think it really depends on the person and the kind of relationship you are in, if it's serious and you have been together for a while, then yeah sex is ok. Specially if both of you have plans of starting a life together in the future. I don't recommend girls sleeping around tho, not at all! A girl must always make sure the guy she is with is a good and decent one, and not a player who just wants to get one thing from her...