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Wifelike explores the world of Sex Robots somewhere in the future. These synthetic humans already exist, but regrettably, they are immobile and confined to their owner’s bedroom. They cannot do chores, and their only use is to fill sexual and emotional needs.
This science fiction suspense story takes place in the future in which these companions may now move around and possibly have free will.
One of the exciting castings from this movie is the former WWE Superstar C.J Perry, who fans remember as the Ravishing Russian Lana. It is nice to see her getting an acting break after WWE broke her hopes and dreams. The romance between a human and AI in this movie reminds me of “Her”—only this time with a Physical body.
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William ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is grieving the death of his wife. When Meredith (Elena Kampouris) got assigned to...

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WWE will regret releasing Lana if she becomes a successful actress. I still remember how they maltreated her by having her getting powerbombed in through tables for 12 weeks in a row.
The uncanny valley look was expertly executed. Without literally remaking Stepford Wives, they created a film having a plot line from that novel.


I am not sure if I am going to like this because Westworld from HBO max is the best piece of fiction about A.I ever, It is hard to top it.


Will they free an iPhone or a Vacuum cleaner? I've had it with these movies. You won't give a bipedal service robot the ability to think, believe me. Vegans at least fight for the rights of organic creatures, so why fight for the rights of artificial intelligence when they are AI and not humans?


Holy crap! Her motions are very amazing! She has a robotic appearance, yet she also seems human. I'm stoked to watch this. Her movements seem so natural; maintaining character must have taken a lot of effort. Doesn't the plot resemble Ex Machina and Dolores from Season 1 of Westworld on HBO?