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Publisher and developer Valorware has announced their 2D RPG Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis will be launching across all modern systems this June.
Razore City has been overrun by demons, and the Shokan Corp needs the best in the business to not only hunt them down but trace the source of where they’re coming from. That’d be you, of course. Create your own character, venture deep into the city and uncover the truth, engaging in turn-based boss battles the whole way. If the neon-grunge art style looks interesting, it’s because it started out as a clothing brand: Pinku Kult is a line of apparel in the UK designed by artist and illustrator Hana Eaton.

Fully original world and story: Dive into the world of Pinku Kult! Meet a cast of colorful characters and come face to face with terrifying demons and lose yourself in Razore City and the mystery of the girl in the fox mask.
Intense boss battles: Boss battles feature several forms and variations to battle your way through, each more...

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Ready! Fire!!
The customization options excites me because of all the varieties you can do with this RPG. The character designs have a psychedelic flair!


The visuals are fantastic! Despite the ominous themes, the doll-like aesthetic is quite lovely, and the experience becomes enjoyable. The battle system is challenging but not excessively so. I don't typically appreciate games with stories, but I enjoyed this one and was engrossed in the mystery of what was going on! The music is catchy, and a few gags caught me off guard. I already played this, and what an experience!


You couldn't go much worse than Pinku Kult Hex Mortis if you want an RPG that looks well, plays well, and is simplified to value your time. I had a great time with the game throughout the day, and now all I have to do is sit here and wait for a sequel. An incredible hidden gem that will undoubtedly become a cult classic.

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