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When Netflix suddenly revealed something called “Warrior Nun” in the summer of 2020, it got a lot of attention from its mere name, let alone its premise — and fortunately, said premise turned out to be as bonkers as the title suggested.
Ava is a laid-back, nihilistic goth who doesn’t care about much, and doesn’t see a point to her life until the day she wakes up in an ancient temple on a slab. She briefly died, but was resurrected by a secret society of nuns — with superpowers! Now she’s joined them, and the halo mark on her back gives her the power to pass through solid objects, run on water and generally kick butt. She wasn’t intended to be their Chosen One, though, and some folks are miffed about that.
I myself abstained from Season 1 because everybody was telling me “it’s all setup! Things don’t get moving until the very end, and it’ll probably be better if you wait for Season 2 and watch them together.” Of course, when they gave me this advice, they were assuming Season 2...

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People should not be sleeping on Warrior Nun. If you missed the first Season, Binge it now. This piece of visual deliciousness should have been the show Netflix renewed for Season 3 and 4 and not that Emily in Paris crap. I want a Season 3, so I will make sure to make my friends watch Season 2.


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This show appears to be advancing faster than I anticipated. I'm looking forward to a long summer till winter arrives. Season 2 has finally arrived, and I am overjoyed. The trailer justifies the two-year wait. The level of effort put forward is impressive. The thorny crown appears to be fascinating. The combat sequence is also rather impressive. I haven't watched Season 2 yet but I am demanding a Season 3 renewal.
So happy this is returning; one of my top ten Netflix shows. Very underrated but exceptionally well done. More people need to watch this show. I need it to keep going after seeing how good season 2 looks. We do not want these two to be a two-season wonder. I was the only one who watched and loved season one. My family and friends weren't interested or found it uninteresting. I don't care!! Warrior Nun is the best show all of you have, so I am excited about the second season.


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Season 2 Trailer makes me happy. The first season was slow, and the showrunners focused far too much on Ava's aversion to becoming a warrior nun. Y: The Last Man was canceled due to its slow pace. So I was concerned about the show's future.That was a waste of time because the love interest didn't become significant. The first season had some fantastic components, such as the warrior nuns being badass, so I'm hoping the second season focuses on her accepting her role as a warrior nun and providing plenty of action.


Season 1 was good but could have been better. In season 2, I'm hoping to see that potential come to life. They'd better step it up if they want a third season. .I expected this to be a one-and-done season, and given how frequently Netflix cancels shows,

I'm amazed we're still here. They put in two years of effort to make this happen, and I'm hoping that's enough to ensure a trilogy. I felt the first season trailer looked interesting. People should devote their attention to this show after seeing that it was not a fluke.


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As a Catholic, I am tired of the poor images of religion in the media that have ridiculed my faith over the years. Even if Ava isn't a devout Catholic, I admire the Warrior nuns' favorable portrayals of Catholics on the program. I'm in tears watching the first season because it's finally a show that doesn't condemn Catholics. We fight demons instead!

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