Netflix Finally Reveals Footage From Season 2 Of Warrior Nun


When Netflix suddenly revealed something called “Warrior Nun” in the summer of 2020, it got a lot of attention from its mere name, let alone its premise — and fortunately, said premise turned out to be as bonkers as the title suggested.

Ava is a laid-back, nihilistic goth who doesn’t care about much, and doesn’t see a point to her life until the day she wakes up in an ancient temple on a slab. She briefly died, but was resurrected by a secret society of nuns — with superpowers! Now she’s joined them, and the halo mark on her back gives her the power to pass through solid objects, run on water and generally kick butt. She wasn’t intended to be their Chosen One, though, and some folks are miffed about that.

I myself abstained from Season 1 because everybody was telling me “it’s all setup! Things don’t get moving until the very end, and it’ll probably be better if you wait for Season 2 and watch them together.” Of course, when they gave me this advice, they were assuming Season 2 would show up in a reasonable amount of time. We STILL have a long wait until Season 2, possibly until 2023 as the trailer only commits to “this winter” as a release window.

Warrior Nun is based on the Antarctic Press title “Warrior Nun Areala” which, contrary to popular belief, is NOT manga even though it looks like it. AP is known for producing American comics in the manga style, and it’s just plain weird this got the Hollywood treatment over Ninja High School or Gold Digger, which are more popular things in their library. Then again, those would be pretty hard to adapt given how crazy they are. But then AGAIN again, Netflix is trying to make a live-action One Piece which is far harder!

Warrior Nun Season 2 premieres…sometime.