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Miss Marvel trended in Pakistani Social media when the first trailer was release. That shows  There is a demand for Kamala Khan in Pakistan because she is the first Pakistani descent super hero. Representation matters and this is the first time Pakistanis see someone who looks like them.  Seeing a Superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes them feel represented. Pakistani MCU fans wanted to watch the Adventures of the Brown Girl from New Jersey because they relate to her lineage and religion. Kamala is Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Muslim Superhero. She is a daughter of Pakistani immigrants in New Jersey. Kamala was a typical geeky teenage girl who was a super hero fan. She Collects comic merchandise and write fan fictions. One day  her World will change when she becomes a Superhero herself.
The Marvel comics had made Muslim Superheroes before. Some of Marvel’s previous Muslim heroes are...

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This must be the reason why my country have no Disney Plus yet. Disney wants to sell Disney Plus originals as movies instead shows . They will lose money if those countries have Disney Plus


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I think they only did it in Pakistan since its representation longing and this is the first positive character to represent them.


In the Comics, Kamala Khan looks exact like like Malala Yousafzai, as in there is a resemblance making me believe she was one of the inspiration for making Malala.
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What does the Fox say?
I am surprised that this show will be viewed by a Pakistani audience. I'm American and don't know much about their entertainment "likes" or "dislikes". But if they are happy about a female character with a positive image, why didn't a Pakistani broadcast company create their own character? They have film and TV production companies in Pakistan.


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Pakistani Actors goes to Bollywood for a reason. Pakistan's movie is not that big to make a superhero movie and it will end up looking like a cheap CW show.


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The show reminds me a lot of turning red because of the division between the mother and daughter.


What will be reaction of their society? Many of them still don't approve female rights and she is here in main role. Could this series start some changes in society?