Miss Marvel got many positive reviews from critics because the show is good. It Even has the potential to evolve into something better. The show’s Target audience is obviously children and teenagers, but its appeal is universal. I noticed that Disney and Marvel had been releasing mini trailers to hype the premiere days before the release, and dislikes flood it. I can see Dislikes on YouTube because of an extension that makes it visible. A few minutes after the show becomes available in Disney Plus, the negative reviews have flooded on different platforms. It is impossible to make a review of a show that is out for like two minutes. The Negative reviews are from people who didn’t even watch the show.
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Most negative reviews automatically accused the show of being a “Woke Leftist Agenda.” This accusation is not valid, and there is no virtue-signaling...

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I just watched the show too and its brilliant. From the special effects, to the script and music, It is an experience I enjoyed. I am a leftist but I never seen any political propaganda from this show. Republicans will actually enjoy it if they are not racist. The Incels have their own Qanon world where they believe everything is a propaganda.


Blinding Lights
Why am I not shocked? They are the same people who said Shang-Chi would flop. Then it becomes a box office hit. They are also the same people who said Black Panther would flop, and it's one of the highest-grossing MCU movies. Iman Vellani should not fight back against those trolls. She should absorb all the love she gets from people who enjoyed the show. Do not give Publicity to those haters. It will give them ammunition to prove they are right.
I saw every single positive comment about Miss Marvel on YouTube comment get a copy-pasted comment that insults that person. I marked that person as spam. He has the dedication to copy-paste that stock comment on every positive review about Miss Marvel. They never watched Miss Marvel, but they act like it ruined their life. Kamala is one of the best-written teenage characters on tv. Republicans should not hate on this character because she is conservative. She doesn't sleep around like the teens from Gossip Girl and Riverdale.

Hibiki JR

The people you talk about OP, Are like those gamers who refuse to use female characters and play games with the female protagonist because they think it will make them less masculine. Toxic Masculinity! They are not secure in their sexuality.


She's adorable and ecstatic to get the part! You can tell it's important to her. And, like many of the newer, younger Marvel actors, she's certainly put in a lot of effort into the part.She's only 19 years old. She's still a teenager, and it's difficult to watch a child face so much racism over something that should bring her happiness. Isn't the comics character also a ray of sunshine? I was expecting the event to be pure heartwarming entertainment, but I guess I forgot how badly some people stink.This show is so positive and inspiring.

People are allowed to dislike something because of subjective taste but the hate I see is not about the show's quality. They are just people who are racist.


These people have so many times in their hands. They waste so much time on shows and movies they don't even watch.


Rising from the Ashes
People who are trolling about this clearly have never read a comic book in their lives.
Comic books have always been progressive and a haven for the underdogs from marginalized groups. I can't wait for those Incels to have a nervous break down once the Next Captain Marvel movie is released. So many actresses closed their socials after getting harassment from these manbabies.


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So the trailers didn't impress me, and I didn't plan on watching it. Now that some people are being jerks about it because the lead actress is a woman of color, I'm going to watch it simply to see if it gets a lot of attention. Don't watch it if it's not your cup of tea. If you haven't even attempted to watch it, there's no reason to post a poor review. If I end up hating it, I will give it constructive criticism and If I end up liking it I will defend it.

Khrisma Applebees

I am an Independent Girl
The Haters of Miss Marvel falls on 6 categories.

1.Racist and sexist people who don't like POC and female leads, they want their straight white males. Who accuses the show that its woke when its not.
2.People who don't like content that is not dark and depressing.
3.Conservative Muslims who doesn't like the fact that a Muslim girl doesn't wear hijabs, have agency of her own action, Has a Christian boy as her best friend and has a crush to a boy her age.
4.Fans of Ms. Marvel who are upset they change her powers
5.DC fans who hates MCU
6. Jealous nationalities who are upset MCU made a Pakistani superhero before someone from their country.


Those people are only brave behind their keyboards, but their moms still nag at them in real life. Those incels wonder why they are still single, which is one of the reasons. They are bullying a young girl online because she stars in a show they don't like. They just declared they don't like the show because they never watched it.


Comicgater Racist Youtuber, The Quartering just attacked this show without even watching it. He accused it as the worst reviewed Marvel show basing from the IMDB Review bombing from people who didn't even watched the show. Youtube gave platform to people like this scumbag.


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I've noticed that the majority of those that are critical have never seen the show. They don't know what they're talking about, based on the way the review was written.

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