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 Man vs. Bee is the TV comeback of Rowan Atkinson. We mostly knew this British comedy icon through his roles like Mr.Bean and Johnny English. He is now making his comedy comeback on this 9 episode of Netflix original. As much as I love him in Mr. Bean, I can’t help but root for the Bee because Bees are currently endangered because their numbers are dwindling. This show is also his reunion with David Kerr, and they worked together before in Johnny English movies.
Man vs. Bee Official Trailer

Trevor (Rowan Atkinson) wants to have enough money to give his family holiday vacation. He wanted to have a relationship...

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Is this a limited series? Because I can't imagine a plot that revolves about a bee expanding for seasons. I will give it a chance though because I love Mr. Bean.
He manages to create a series with such a simple plot. When Rowan Atkinson gets involved, anything is possible. It is part of what makes him a comedy genius. Rowan Atkinson comes from a time when the whole family enjoyed simple pleasures. It's just a story about a man fighting a bee; there's no need to think too hard about it; sit as a family and laugh at the antics. His comedy is not Green and perverted but its still hilarious.


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I admire Rowan Atkinson's ability to play idiotic characters while being really intelligent in real life. This individual holds a master's degree from Oxford. What a legendary dude!


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I was about to cancel my Netflix subscription but I love Rowan Atkinson and I miss seeing him on tv with new content.


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Reminds me of the movie Mouse hunt, Its about brothers who inherited a cheese factory but there was a mouse living in it.
The plot of the show is so simple yet it is so fun to watch! I finished it in a day! My blood stream is full of endorphins after watching.