Man vs. Bee, A bee ruins Rowan Atkinson’s life


 Man vs. Bee is the TV comeback of Rowan Atkinson. We mostly knew this British comedy icon through his roles like Mr.Bean and Johnny English. He is now making his comedy comeback on this 9 episode of Netflix original. As much as I love him in Mr. Bean, I can’t help but root for the Bee because Bees are currently endangered because their numbers are dwindling. This show is also his reunion with David Kerr, and they worked together before in Johnny English movies.

Man vs. Bee Official Trailer

Trevor (Rowan Atkinson) wants to have enough money to give his family holiday vacation. He wanted to have a relationship with his daughter after his divorce. Trevor was homeless and unemployed, and he just needed an opportunity to be back on his feet.

He got lucky because he got hired with an easy job. A Wealthy Business Woman named Nina (Jing Lusi) employed him to be a house sitter in her mansion. All he needs to do is take care of the house and keep it clean and safe. He can even enjoy the house’s luxuries, but he won’t be allowed to touch personal belongings. Other than that, He can use the kitchen, the toilet, the living room, and even have his bedroom.

He thought things would be peachy, but a Bee will start to annoy him. The Bee doesn’t want to live with him alone, so he tries to terminate her. Little did he know, this Bee is no ordinary bug. She seemed to have intelligence that could outwit humans. A Rivalry is about to be formed. It is Man vs. Bee! Who is going to be victorious? How will he avoid causing property damage while trying to eliminate the buzz in his ears? Man vs. Bee will be coming to Netflix this June 24, 2022.