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What are you thoughts about this idol group? I personally think have both look and voice.
I didn't like them at first but I've started to like them now. Their covers wasn't that good until Saite and their "original" stuff is actually pretty good.

I love the Kiva Girl's voice, and I like the Wizard girl.
I honestly didn't mind the covers but I understand why people didn't. They've definitely improved since Saite though. I like pretty much all of the music they've done I've heard though


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At first I hated them because of the way they were presented. I would have probably liked "Let's Go Rider Kick 2011" a little better if it wasn't the theme for the 40th Anniversary Movie.

Ever since I think avex / Toei are trying to shove them down our throats and I was one of the ones that was very vocal about them singing the main themes in Wizard.

However, ever since they started in Wizard their music became way better than what it was switching from basic Idol-ish stuff to more rock which culminated in Alteration which is one of the best toku albums of the year. Hell, they are even better than RIDER CHIPS this year IMHO!

Some songs are still TOO generic but songs like "Just the Beginning", "alteration" and "Missing Piece" are very awesome.

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I'm meh on them.

I don't think they're anything special and honestly alot of their songs are exactly the same. The only original songs I do like though are Saite and Go Get'em.
Since I just started watching Kamen Rider, starting with Kuuga and Wizard, Sakurako for her translation skills on deceiphering those hieroglyphs and Koyomi from Wizard.

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OH, I thought this was about female riders.

The band themselves are like every other band for these shows, a fan service gimmick. No one would care if they were a male band.

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Some of my favorites:
-Just the Beginning
-Go Get 'em
-Accelerate to the Eternal (my most favorite)

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The only original songs I do like though are Saite and Go Get'em.

Wasn't Saite a cover of a [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF2nzxZZ-qI"]track by Everset?[/ame]

(UGH how do I stop the forums from auto-embedding videos? That's stupid)

That said, I was pretty indifferent about them at first, though I actually didn't mind their covers of the original's and V3's title themes, personally, but as of late, their Wizard tracks and stuff like Go Get 'em are just amazing.


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They've definitely gotten better as the years have gone by. Has it been years? I lose track.

I listened to the album the other day, and the album versions of their earlier songs are quite a step up from the originals.

They've definitely gotten better with age, in both sound and looks.

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