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I was never a fan of their music, but after watching them do their henshin poses...

Now I'm really not a fan. So many of them just half-assed it.


Raxbait: Hip
LOL, OOO was cute. Shame the girl for Ryuki left, won't be able to see her henshin into my fav rider :/

Also....you can tell they were a bit embarrassed, nothing wrong with that.


Budou though
yeah. if you're embarassed, shy, not 100% devoted, then of course you'll half ass the henshins. i like ooo, fourze, and wizard's henshins.

watashi sanjou!


Pop stars aren't ALLOWED to be that shy unless it's artifical to try and drum up fans based on cuteness alone.

Sorry, but those were mostly pretty weak. Fourze's girl did the best job, but OOO and Wizard performed admirably under the circumstances.


Den-O Girl was the worst. Her "watashi sanjo" was weak, and she didn't even do the scanning the pass bit! That was the actual henshin part!

Blade Girl didn't look anything like the Blade pose, but then I haven't watched Blade so I could be wrong.
Man, some of you guys are negative. :disappoin

I, for one, thought that Mitsuki Endo/Fourze did the cutest henshin ever! Hers and Hitomi Isaka's/OOO's were pretty close. I like how they both added their own "sound effects."


Budou though
yeah. at least den-o girl said "watashi sanjou" which was unique and kiva girl said "gabu" although she didn't use kivat at all...

blade girl could of at least say "turn up"

Sentaifan'07 Xman

"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"
ooo and fourze girl made sound effects xD
wizard girl made the heat thing appear

Yeah, but I think the Wizard and Fourze girls were the only ones that actually made their henshin poses a little more accurate. Only 99% was done properly. The OOO girl attempted to do the SFX, but she was a little camera shy.

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