JMS Takes Pot Shot At Marvel Comics


Mark Waid also got involved in the drama, calling JMS's stunt a "dick move" and made fun of his infamous "Grounded" storyline


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I'm with Mark Waid on this one.

Half an hour later, still fuming at JMS’s shitty passive-aggressiveness. I should probably go walk it off. Maybe with a long walk. A long, dull, pointless, boring walk. Across America.


That I won’t finish.



JMS has now banned Wacker from his Facebook page. This is not the first time the Spider-Man editor has been taken to task for his constant disruptions, as he was also banned from the Spider-Man Crawlspace website for baiting it's members there (who were critical of ASM)

Coming off much better was ASM writer Dan Slott, who exchanged a more matured conversation with JMS on the sales charts and got a more professional response.

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