Comics Iron Man and Batman seem awful similar

I was just thinking about this last night. Both men are billionaire playboys with a respectable public face, but are eccentric, as their money allows them to have whatever they want. Both use their vast wealth to create major laboratories and expensive and elaborate technology. Neither one of them have actually super powers. Both men have dead parents. Both have butlers (of sorts) Batman has Alfred and Iron Man has JARVIS. What do you think? I realize their origin stories are different, but the rest seems close to the same.


The primary difference I see in the personalities of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark is that Tony Stark is eccentric, Bruce Wayne pretends to be. Remember that there are a lot of instances where Bruce Wayne says he is the mask behind the true face of Batman. He is the mask that he puts on to show the world during the Day while the real man comes out at night.
There are indeed numerous strong parallels between Iron Man and Batman: both have origins based upon either tragedy or redemption (a child vowing to avenge his parents murder by fully devoting his life and wealth to fight the type of crime that claimed them versus a shallow, narcissistic, war-profiteer's tale of redemption after being abducted and maimed by a warlord), both battle very real-world personal demons in addition to supervillians (addiction, post-traumatic stress, spurned mistakes of their past coming back to haunt them), both are billionaire playboys (although Bruce Wayne's playboy persona is an act for the public), both are beyond-ingenious men of science, both use their massive wealth to fund advanced ultra-high-tech crime fighting tools which moreover include numerous special battle suits, both have supportive butlers as one of their main aides (Jarvis is actually a human butler in the comics), both have prominent roles within their world's premier league of superheros, both belong to subset of technology-and/or-training heroes arguably more realistic and plausible in strictly relative terms than superheros who actually have superhuman or supernatural powers, etc. For these reasons, Batman is my favourite member of the Justice League and Iron Man is my favourite member of The Avengers.

Of course, that being said, Iron Man and Batman are hardly the only similar tech-based billionaire superheroes: Green Arrow (in the beginning, he was essentially Batman crossed with Robin Hood, to the point that he had a boy wonder sidekick, drove an Arrow Car, and had an Arrow Cave as his base), the Ray Palmer Atom, and the Ted Kord Blue Beetle being but three additional examples that come immediately to mind.


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What kind of stories does the Ironman comics have? My favorite Batman stories are those detective/mysteries, apart from the singular character-focused dramas.