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Okay, so it seems farfetched at the moment that these two superheroes would clash because they are from different companies. But, if ever Batman and Iron Man would clash, who do you think would win? Yes, Batman is stealthier but I think Iron Man has got more firepower to defeat Batman. I say Iron Man wins. What do you think?


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This is the ultimate DC-Marvel matchup in my opinion. I may be biased, since I'm a Marvel fan (not that I hate DC). But I think the advantage of IronMan over Bats is the tech and repulsors, plus the ability to fly.


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My daughter asked me which one makes more money Ironman or Batman. I said Ironman because he continues to work. Batman just hangsout at charity events ( lucky trustfund babies) But, for this questionm I have to say Ironman. He has a interesting alloyed armor.


Batman. We've seen this happen time and again in the comics. His modus operandi when he realize he's at a disadvantage is to do lots of planning. He'll make plan A, B, C, D all the way to Z to defeat a superior super powered enemy.

For example, in JLA: Tower of Babel, it was discovered that Batman has prepared plans to defeat every single member of the Justice League. A villian got his hands on it and guess what? Every single one of the plans worked. That's how badass Batman is.

Tony Stark relies more on improvisation if anything.
A potential battle between Iron Man and Batman reminds me of the final story arc during Stephanie Brown's brief tenure as Robin, which is collected in trade called Batman: War Drums. In this arc, the duo twice encounter an assassin named Scarab, a skilled martial artist who wears an advanced high tech battle suit. This new dynamic duo is completely unprepared during their first match, and frankly get their asses handed to them by this new villain who they hadn't previously meet and was much more of a threat than was previously anticipated. Batman then does what he does best: pulling himself back up, learning from his past mistakes, and fully preparing for a re-match in his own terms. More specifically, he dons his own special high tech version of the Batsuit and essential becomes Iron Bat!

I am also reminded of an even more famous moment in the annuals of bat-history in which Batman also dons a special high tech Batsuit and engages a far more powerful enemy--who can fly and shot "laser blasts" like Iron Man but is moreover even more powerful than Iron Man--in a battle Batman won largely by fully preparing for it in advance and utilizing every conceivable advantage: the stand-off between Superman and Batman at the end of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns! In fact, earlier in this very story-arc: Batman and the Mutant Leader essentially fight to draw in the mindless slug-fest that was their first encounter, after which Batman again learns from his past mistakes and prepares for rematch on his own terms that he resoundingly wins! In both cases, prep'ing an arena of his own choosing and using superior tactics to compensate and even negate his foe's superior physical prowess.

Batman also donned advanced high tech suits not dissimilar to Iron Man's in The Night of Owls and Kingdom Come.

These stories, and the JLA: Tower of Babel arc mentioned above by @Leeroy_MY, persuade me to give Batman the edge over Iron Man if they were able to fully prepare for their encounter in advance!

Granted, Iron Man has also demonstrated that he develops special strategies and tech should he need to combat a specific person more powerful than himself, namely the Hulk-Buster and the Thor-Buster. Regardless, I suspect that Batman is the superior technician with access to comparable technological advantages. (Though I also quite like Iron Man, I'm much less versed with him than with Batman and I welcome a bigger, more well versed Iron Man fan to comment further on Iron Man's skills as a strategist or if there are specific stories that suggest that Iron Man would actually have the edge.)

However, if this were a random encounter in which Batman and Iron Man weren't specially prepared and equipped with only their standard suits and tools: I'm honestly not sure who would win!

In either case, even when I give Batman the edge for a well-prepared encounter: this would be an epic, fairly evenly matched duel that it would be quite interesting to read!
My daughter asked me which one makes more money Ironman or Batman. I said Ironman
The U.K. loan site BuddyLoans recently estimated the net worth of various comic book characters and published an infograph of The Worlds Richest Superheroes [& Supervillains].

They've confirmed your intuitive speculation @rzashida: Iron Man ranks at Number Two with a respectable fortune of $100 billion, surpassing Batman's third place personal wealth of $80 billion!

However, even the combined wealth of our two champions is dwarfed by Black Panther's gargantuan $500 billion fortune! Black Panther is so rich, the dude could buy an entire country! Oh wait, he already owns one! (That's sort of the main reason why he's so rich in the first place!)

Personally, I'm rather surprised that Lex Luthor ranked as fourth place with a personal wealth of $75 billion. I always just assumed that he would have to significantly more wealthy than the combined fortunes of Bruce Wayne and the other rich Justice League members, so as to maintain his position of power with such powerful enemies! It turns that Batman alone beats out Lex in brains and wealth alike!

Also, it seems to me that there are several characters who should rank higher than Magneto if not Professor X as well! Ra's al Ghul, The Kingpin, and Norman Osbourne would all have to be quite wealthy, to list but three examples!


I think the main reason Lex Luthor is such a formidable opponent would be that both Ironman and Batman does not exploit their wealth to their full potential and is content with the mere maintenance of their superhero gadgets while Lex Luthor invests significantly higher into planning and executing his evil schemes.

Batman & Ironman are also content to let their shareholders and board of directors control the bulk of their wealth while Lex Luthor is more actively involved in his businesses. This give him much more control of his resources and being able to choose where it goes. (He even used his wealth to make him President of the United States!)

Lastly, it costs much less to cause damage than to prevent/fix it. For example, I can break a lot of public facilities with a 10$ baseball bat but to prevent or catch me doing it, at least 3 security officers working in 3 separate 8 hour shifts will be required. (at 9$ per hour, that's 216$ per day!)


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I think Batman is a lot better than Iron man in a multitude of ways. First off Batman always has a plan for everything and whatever he does is calculated with all possible things in mind. I think Iron man is more of a "let's see what it does" type of character. And although the two of them share some similarities, I think that overall Batman has an edge over Iron man if they would go head to head. Plus Bruce Wayne can easily make Stark's suit in a short amount of time but Stark can't learn everything Bruce did as quickly and his body isn't as sturdy as Bruce Wayne's so if they had to go head to head without all the equipment Batman would win. And if they went on with full equipment I still think Batman would win. Firepower doesn't matter in this case since firepower doesn't work against Batman. If it did he wouldn't be Batman. He beat Superman for god's sake.