Amazon Prime video hits the Jackpot with Invincible. Not only it’s first season is a success, it’s lead actor  Steven Yeun got a more mainstream after the success of his movie Manari. This animated adaptation of an Image comic original makes me feel all giddy with all that quality content.

Three seasons will be enough  to cover the whole run of the original comics. Unless we will have truckload fillers like the Shounen genre animes.
Invincible is about a boy Mark Grayson who is the son of the most powerful superhero on earth.  Invincible is not your Ma and Pa’s superhero show. If you like “the boys” you will not loathe this show.
Now all the eight episodes of the first season are complete, it is time to catch up and binge the first season.
Invincible doesn’t take itself seriously because it has a lot of comedy despite of the dark theme.  The support characters also gets to shine on their own because they have their own side stories. So it is not like those shows where the...

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Samantha Who?

adventure flute vase
I wish we get more updates for this because I had been waiting for so long. I miss seeing Omniman's reign of terror.