Here’s Another Peek At Doom Patrol Season 4

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To survive, HBO Max needs content, but unfortunately, they’re currently under the stranglehold of a ruthless cost-cutter. Had all gone to plan, the streamer would be promoting the Thanksgiving release of Batgirl right about now. They don’t have that anymore. But they DO have Doom Patrol! The best superhero show on TV isn’t dead yet.
In addition to their amazing powers, each member of the Doom Patrol has the gift of eternal life, for one reason or another. Until now it’s been assumed to be a side effect of their individual powers — but this season’s “Immortus” plotline suggests there could be a singular force behind it…a force that not only threatens their lives now, but everyone else’s. It’s time to do what the DP has been avoiding all this time…actually making an effort to save the world! Can these misfits finally pull themselves together and work as a team when it really counts?
Doom Patrol stars Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele (Robotman), Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor (Negative...

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6th Ranger
Season 4 here we go!
I'm glad we'll finally find out why the gang never ages. I know the Chief set up all those accidents to give them powers and study immortality, but it was never made clear how their powers prevent them from aging.


This better not be the show's final season. This better get a season five because what if it doesn't and the
Titans do?! I mean, it would be absurd if it didn't. I just want one more season, and I don't want it to end like Legends of Tomorrow did. With the new DC team, I believe this may be the only show left behind that will survive. Basically, because James Gunn enjoys odd and random characters and he is a fan of ensembles.


I like this show because it depicts how many complicated people there are. a generally upbeat tone And all of the weirdness that reminds me of comic books is fantastic as well. I'm overjoyed, and I want Rita Farr to succeed. Because THIS is one of her main superpowers in the comics, and they only showed it in the final episode of the third station, let's hope this superpower is shown more frequently this season.
season. I admire how they deal with difficult issues while still carrying out their responsibilities.


I am yet to watch this and for some reason was unable to watch it till now but I liked the trailer and got excited about it and would be planning to watch it this weekend.

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