Hello Neighbor Animated Pilot Receives Ten Million YouTube Views

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Last week the publishers of stealth survival horror game Hello Neighbor, TinyBuild Games, showed the world their pitch for an animated version of their creation. A six-minute pilot was uploaded to Youtube on April 17…the short has now racked up over ten million views.

“The game has a huge, loyal audience and making an animated series was the next logical step after books and games,” says tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik, co-producer of the pilot. “We wanted to do a proof of concept pilot first to see exactly how many fans would become interested, and how well we can make the transition to 2D animation.”
In the game, you suspect your neighbor of keeping a secret in his basement, but you don’t know what it is. You decide to pull a Rear Window and take a peek inside his house, but wind up captured. You now have to escape the neighbor’s house AND uncover the truth of what he’s up to, both without him catching you. The pilot stars Nicky, the protagonist of the original game. He and...

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