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Hello Hero: Epic Battle is Revamped for Update 4.0
The Epic Battle is alive in the latest HHEB update!
The Epic Battle is revamped! Hello Hero: Epic Battle, one of the greatest 3D idle RPGs on mobile, is alive and kicking in their latest update! Fincon, the developers of the Hello Hero franchise, made several updates to the game’s content which changes the way players progress through the game.
Updated Content
Repeatable Adventure Missions are now removed from the game as well as other Adventure boosts like Time Leap, Gold boost, and Hero EXP boost. The rewards for Adventure Missions are now adjusted so players do not have to repeat battles. Gem Expedition Missions also have adjustments in stage difficulty and rewards.
The Conquest game mode is now replaced with the Twisted Dimension Tower. Players now progress through different stages and win rewards every time they clear a stage.
The following game modes have been removed from the game for improvements and...

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