HBO Max Posts Its Entire Fall Schedule

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Jun 20, 2012
What does HBO Max have planned for the upcoming months? More to the point, what does it have in store that a typical reader of this site would be interested in? Admittedly, not much….Season 3 of Doom Patrol is the standout attraction, and it comes right away in September. After that, pickings are slim. Lotta documentaries, some unappealing-looking reality shows, and the usual “drama about rich people fighting with each other” that HBO churns out every other week. But there’s also….
TEN YEAR OLD TOM (Max Original Adult Animated Series)
With still no word on when we can expect the third season of Harley Quinn, or any confirmation at all on a third season of Close Enough, we’re stuck with these completely unknown animated projects that could be good or bad — no way to know for sure. “Ten Year Old Tom” is about an innocent kid who lives in a town where every adult is a bad influence. They include “litigious parents, drug dealing bus drivers and band teachers who want to sleep...

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