HBO Max Orders "IT" TV Show, Welcome To Derry


<p>The story goes that after finding out about Chucky’s successful TV series on the SyFy channel, Pennywise the Clown became enraged and marched up from his sewer into a board meeting of Warner Bros executives, and demanded to know where HIS show was.</p>


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Oh it is a prequel so the loser's club are not born yet, so main characters will probably die.Pennywise and Derry have a long-standing history together that spans several centuries, with numerous fascinating stories set in the town. It has the potential to make for a really good read or adaptation. However, in my opinion, the movies failed to fully capture its depth and potential, merely skimming the surface. People tend to oversimplify the story.


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I'm tentatively optimistic, ya ken. On the one hand, I'm no' sure hoo I feel aboot a new story based on King's work, but it's no' the first time it's been done. It could be a braw chance tae delve intae Mike's folks and some o' the history referenced in the twa films. And, tae be sure, Skarsgård should definitely make a comeback, especially if the plan is tae lead intae the twa movies. When ye think aboot it, no' all o' the sequels tae All Children of the Corn were written by Stephen King, eh?
I'm really hyped to see what they do with this dope new prequel series to the phenomenal It films. From what I've gathered, the series will mostly take place in the 1960s, but I'm crossing my fingers for some legit insight into Pennywise's life as Bob Gray back in the 1800s. Maybe they'll incorporate some sick flashbacks or something to that effect. It would be slick if we got to witness how Pennywise first arrived on Earth and discovered his true form, and maybe even met some of his kin. It definitely sounds like it's gonna be a cracking show worth tuning in for!


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How on earth can someone whip up a prequel series centered around a cosmic monster that's been around since the dinos roamed the planet? And don't even get me started on prequels, ugh! The biggest bummer about them is that we already know what's going to happen because they have to tie in with the original story. It's like trying to watch a movie with your know-it-all friend who's constantly spoiling the plot.


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I'm excited to see what they do with this prequel series. The Muschettis did a great job with the recent "IT" movies, and I'm sure they'll do the novel justice. I'm interested to see how they flesh out the history of Derry and Pennywise's origins. It's a rich world with a lot of potential for exploration.

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I gotta admit, I'm feeling a bit uncertain about this prequel series. Don't get me wrong, I was totally vibing with the recent "IT" movies, but I'm not convinced that a prequel will hit the same notes. We already know how the story ends, and I'm low-key worried that it won't be able to match up to the OG tale. That being said, I'm willing to keep an open mind and see what the deal is.


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You know what's got me excited? That new "IT" prequel series they're putting together. As a huge Stephen King fan, I gotta say, those recent movies really hit the spot. So you better believe I'm stoked to see what they do with this new series.

They're gonna take us back to Derry in the 1960s, before the Losers' Club ever got mixed up in that mess. And let me tell you, there was some serious craziness going on back then. But what's got me really hyped is the possibility of Bill Skarsgard reprising his role as Pennywise. That guy gave me chills like you wouldn't believe. I mean, I've seen some creepy clowns in my day - I grew up going to the rodeo, after all - but he takes the cake.

A prequel series is the perfect way to really dig into the history and mythology of "IT." There's just so much to explore, and I'm confident that the folks behind this new show - the Muschettis and Fuchs - are gonna do it justice. So, I say bring on the blood, bring on the scares, and let's get deep into the twisted world of Derry and Pennywise. Just don't expect me to watch it with the lights off, if you catch my drift.


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I’m a bit worried that the prequel series will rely too much on Pennywise as the main antagonist. While he is certainly a terrifying character, I think there is a lot of potential in exploring the other supernatural elements of Derry, such as the Turtle and the Deadlights.


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So like, I really hope they take their sweet time with the new "IT" prequel series. You know? 'Cause like, I had this thing with the movies where they were like, super rushed at times, you know what I mean? And like, the characters didn't really have a chance to like, just be and grow and stuff. So I'm just crossing my fingers that they don't make that mistake again with this new series, ya know? Like, let's give everyone some breathing room and really let the story unfold naturally, you know what I mean?


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I'm wicked curious to see how they're gonna handle the spook factor in this prequel series. The IT flicks were freakin' scary as all get out, but I'm wonderin' if they're gonna crank it up even more now that they got more time to ramp up the fear and anxiety.


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Oh, darling, I must admit, I'm a tad worried that this prequel series will be treading old ground like a pair of worn out shoes. We've already watched the Losers Club face off against that frightful Pennywise as both children and grown-ups, so I'm hoping this new series will bring a fresh and distinctive twist to the story.

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