Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Could Be Turned Into A Movie Or Three

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Krissttina Isobe

New Member
Sounds very good. The new J. K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them looks good too. I wait for all movies to come on television so I can save money. My Mom is a big fan of Harry Potter movies and never tires of watching it. If new movies from J. K. Rowling hit the television it would be refreshing.


The Cursed Child wasn't a great story, and with all the time travel it felt more like a fanfic than part of the main Harry Potter mythos, for all J.K.Rowling's name was on it. If they are going to make it, I really hope they tighten up the writing. It is a short play, so expanding it to three films will mean adding a lot of padding...and they might find the original stars a little more expensive! And who on earth will they cast as Snape?


I remember being so excited for The Cursed Child to come out when I thought it was going to be released as a movie, so this is great news for me. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so knowing that the movies will continue on makes me more than happy. I hope the celebrities will want to continue on making them for us.

Jasmin Cottontail

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I'm also a fan of Harry Potter films, especially my hubby. When he learned about this (The Cursed Child), he got excited and was expecting that they'll make a movie out of it. I wonder if they will release one though because I've been hearing humors about it but without any confirmation yet.


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Sweet! I was sort of left empty with the last ending from the Deathly Hallows so I hope this can give me some closure.

I don't get what's with celebrities and their ''image'' for a certain movie. if I were well-known for Harry Potter and was given the chance to once again play the role, I'd do it. Sadly, this is only Daniel's decision. I hope he decides to ''put the glasses on'' again.