Future Plotline Speculations of TMNT 2012 cartoon series

Since teenage mutant ninja turtles once again gets another season i thought i'll tell you guys what the future plots of this season is like and what the new future big bad of the season is since its possible the kraang will be defeated and returning back to their world and the new ally,Here's how it goes:

The future plot line for season 4 will be the aftermath of the kraang invasion the turtles rescues every citizen returned to New York and cure them with retro mutagen making the turtles as heroes to everyone like their 1987 counterparts though they will remain as urban legends since they once again remain hidden from human sight however there are some people who thinks the mutant ninja turtles are enemies or freaks as they call them and want to hunt them down which is why they are considered as minor secondary antagonist, The turtles new lair will either be an old abandoned subway station like their mirage counterparts and their live action counterparts did or their old lair but new and improved.

However there are still bad villains for the season 4 storyline The shredder is still alive along with his clan but remain hidden in plain sight for a while until the Ëœright moment" come there will also be the 2012 incarnations of Bepop and rocksteady (formerly Steranko and Zeck) as shredders minions or independent villains for hire ( I think).

Baxter stockman or "stockman-fly"will be almost cured from his mutation by his own retro mutagen but still has some of his fly features such as his wings on his back and he might gain some cybernetic implants like his mirage and 2003 cartoon counterpart thus making him a half mutant,half human and half cyborg.

The new secondary main villains for the fourth season or fifth to replace the kraang (since it is possible that the kraang will be defeated in the third season finale and retreat to dimension X in a humiliating defeat) will be the 2012 incarnations of Triceratons and they might be the kraangs rival they not only live in the another dimension like the kraangs did but will also conquer every dimensions.

The new ally for the future fourth season will be the 2012 incarnation of the fugitoid who is still one of the human federation species like his mirage and 2003 cartoon counterparts or the Neutrinos who in this incarnation are like us human but without some alien ears however the one thing different between them and us humans is their mind control and psychic abilities and it might be possible that the 2012 incarnation of Honeycutt (the original form of the fugitoid) might be the father of April's mother and also might be April's grandfather as it might explain how she got the mind control and psychic abilities since it is possible that April is half earthling and half federation or half earthling and half Neutrino.

By the way if a final season happens maybe season 5 or season 6 will be the final season as it will have the turtles versus every villains from every seasons and the final big bad will be the shredder himself why because shredder is dangerous opponent of every turtles franchise that I think he might be the final big bad of this final season if this happens and I think he will also be mutated into "Super shredder"like the second live action TMNT movie.

And that's all I am saying by the way I think that the final season might come in about many years since the TMNT franchise is now nickelodeon's "Cash cow" franchise and the series might probably have too many "spinoff's" like how cartoon network did to Ben 10 once.

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Is TMNT 2012 any good at all?
TMNT 2003 was a pretty much a masterpiece and of the best cartoons of 00s.
Of course TMNT 2012 is good because it is the amalgamation of both of their predecessors the mirage comic,2003 cartoon and the famous 1987 cartoon predecessors


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A few months ago I bought all 20 disks having seen most of the series on Hulu.

I need to finish up the stuff after the Black Hole Generator but over all I thought it was decent. I'm re watching this on DVD currently.

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