DMZ -A dark future about a second American Civil War

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DMZ is a Streaming Service Original for HBO Max. It is based on a best selling Graphic Novel by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli from the Vertigo Label of DC Comics. Vertigo Comics may have been discontinued, but it made many amazing stories worth reading like Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Watchmen and Y: The Last Man. Unfortunately, the Y: The Last Man Adaptation got cancelled.
Bad luck hits it because it ended up in Hulu when it could have thrived in HBO Max. However, DMZ is more optimistic because a massive name like Rosario Dawson could carry it to the top. The production took some liberties and changed the story to ensure that it would work as a TV show...

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I don't think an American Civil war will be happening anytime soon, but it sounded like a scarier scenario than World War III because the latter is more preventable.


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Dawson has quite the challenge ahead of her and I bet she's up for up. The mother will go to any lengths to reunite with the child, war or no war. This story makes your mind wander back in time and it does sound scary like @Scoops_Ahoy said. I'm sure no one wants to see anything like this happening in reality.


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I saw this show being advertised and was not impressed. It's something that I would watch IF there is nothing else to watch. Frankly, my only reason for watching it would be because I like Rosario Dawson. Truth is … I don't like the idea of a show about another American Civil War. I think it would encourage Trump supporters. You could say “Oh! It's just fiction!” But there are some crazy people out there who don't know how to distinguish fact from fiction. I don't mean go political in a forum like this. But that's what I think!

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