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Though I have been watching Japanese anime way back in grade school, I was introduced to Japanese comics or Manga by my cousin only in college. The first Manga that I have read was Marmalade Boy. I loved the story and I found the dialogue extremely funny. I've been reading Manga ever since. Do you read Japanese comics too?


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Guess where my profile picture is from!

I actually help my friends translate manga, it's a pretty fun job since I get to read it along the way. My first manga was Death Note, at the tender young age of 8 or so. Ever since then the list has grown to where I started contributing myself. ^^

I really like reading oneshots because when authors only have a few pages to tell a story, they often pull it off masterfully. Psychological manga is really good too, my account name is actually from Inio Asano's Oyasumi Punpun.

Marmalade Boy looks interesting, I haven't heard of it before though. What's it about?


Hmm I wasn't able to read Death Note or watch its anime series but I heard that it was good. As for Marmalade Boy, it's an intricate love story that's really very funny. I think it's better if you read it so as to avoid spoilers. In downloading Death Note on my phone now. :D

And translating Manga? Wow, that really is a cool job.


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Oh, jeez. I just recently got rid of my 2005 issues of Shonen Jump. :) I've been into anime and manga since we were watching Pokemon on TV after school. My mom didn't care too much for anime after we brought home the Escaflowne movie (lots of blood) and after Spirited Away (she's squeamish) it was a no-anime household so I just worked on manga.

I think my favorite series of all time is still Ranma 1/2. I picked it up on a whim back when Media Play was still in business from their fairly extensive manga selection (at the time. That was in like 2004, and I didn't get to too many chain bookstores which sold manga.) My bf and I watched the anime too, and it still cracks me up.

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Escaflowne? Not exactly a beginner's anime. XD

Reading manga in Japanese is really the only way I have time to study anymore. Though I prefer to read it in English, the genre I like rarely gets licensed so I have to buy the Japanese versions. Thank god for Book Off, otherwise I'd be broke. Manga volumes for a dollar? Heck yeah.

Unfortunately for me, everyone thinks I can speak perfect Japanese since I can read it well. I wish. It's so much easier to understand the written word, even with the 2000+ characters in the kanji system. Grammar comes to me, vocabulary does not.


I love to read manga and consider them to be the best.

I read so much that I forget the names of most of them!


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As a matter of fact, I do. The first Japanese comic book I read was Bleach. I still follow it and read it regularly, but I used to be way more obsessed with it. My favorite manga is Death Note though. It has a really exciting story and I adore the theme of it!


I read a lot of mangas too! Hahaha and I agree with what Punyama (I read punpun too and my god. It's so dark) said about one shots! I had the luck of enjoying quite a few masterpieces myself but sadly it's been quite a while and their names escape me. Any great one shot recommendations, guys?

Did you know that the movie Edge of Tomorrow was based on a japanese light novel that was recently developed into a manga? It's called "All You Need is Kill". Haha, check it out!