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Mar 20, 2012

One look at this expression and you just know,
The pain of stepping on a Lego...

This week: A creepy Crystalian kid appears, Garza takes up a vacant position, Juuru's sneaky classmate returns, a zombifying (Muddite-ifying?) gas, a sudden yet inevitable betrayal, Juuru may think Lord Garza has a neat suit but TBH I think his regular look was more menacing, and the creepy kid isn't who he initially seemed to be.


I didn't see the twist coming where Juuru's dream was with Garza and not Oradin. Maybe just maybe Garza will live at the end of the series and turn good? I also enjoyed Crunchula's sudden change of heart too. He wasn't really even all that bad. Maybe the reason why Garza is evil now, might be because of a personality split? One side is pure and the other side is corrupted? Which is why he appears as a black gem instead of blue like the others?