[DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 38

Toku Prime

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Please sum up with a single image how 2021 has been going so far...
This week: A cavity monster proves to be a major pain, Takamichi goes off to find the Granterstone with illusion powers and gets put under an illusion, we are reminded that Garza was always a backstabbing d*ck, shark mechas can also suffer from tooth decay, and it turns out that just standing around with the Granterstone loudly announcing that you finally have them all for no good reason will attract some attention.

Dr Kain

That was an oddball episode. I mean, they're all oddball, but this one seemed to end quite abruptly. I liked that there was no mech battle, but I don't even recall them showing the rangers getting their teeth fixed until the mid-credit sequence.