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The trailer for his latest film, PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND, doesn’t use the tag of “A Sion Sono Film” or even a simple “directed by” note to introduce the acclaimed filmmaker to American audiences. It instead goes for the attention-grabbing phrase “[from] the warped mind of Sion Sono.” Marketing and cheeky hyperbole aside, no one working in film today has as unique of a voice as the fifty-nine-year-old Japanese auteur.
First drawing attention on the international scene with 2001’s SUICIDE CLUB which was released just as “J-Horror” was exploding in popularity worldwide, the bleak and wildly gory film was widely praised for its transgressive approach. That transgressive quality was a harbinger of what Sono would bring to everything he has done in its wake. His films actively work to defy classification- the heartwarming rumination on affection and religion (that also happens to feature Kung Fu perverts, cult abductions, and is a whopping four hours long) LOVE EXPOSURE, the frantic...
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